In this life you encounter people that are meant to inspire the world. I have found that Jeremy Vangsnes is one such person. Jeremy believes in Do Damage but more than that Do Damage believes in Jeremy. Take a moment to read and understand his story and the story behind our latest shirt....

Jeremy Vangsnes powerfully embodies the mission of Do Damage.  An All American collegiate runner, he suffered a traumatic brain injury in a devastating car accident in 2009.  Originally pronounced dead, he's made a progressive and miraculous recovery and teaches all of us what it means to fight on and to never give up!  The accident stole his life's plans, stole his body's function, and stole his ability to run again.  It failed however to steal his greatest weapon-- his joy.   His purpose now is to teach us all what it looks like to live with a kind of hope that shatters life's hardest and darkest circumstances.  He has an unshakeable faith in God who sustains him and draws near everyday.  Jeremy does damage to despair everyday with his battle cry to "Live life to the fullest." ‚Äč
Jeremy's Brother and Dad

Jeremy loves to paint.  His left foot has the most mobility of his extremities so he paints with a brush attached to a harness on it.  That's how this painting came to life before it was put on this shirt.  By wearing it you are joining the mission of Do Damage and Jeremy's call to "Give it all you got."  So wear it proudly and Do Damage